WebGL Planet

Sometimes I have the itch to create something that’s not (just) useful, but pleases the eyes.

I’ve started experimenting with webgl a few years ago, mostly in shadertoy - but most of my experiments aren’t public.

This (fullscreen) is one of my favourites. But of course I’m still not entirely satisfied with it.

Bottle Quine

A quine is a computer program which takes no input and produces a copy of its own source code as its only output.

This one is not really a quine, but something similar, 1020 bytes of HTML/JS that animates it’s own code. Inspired by the great work of @aemkei.

Click here, to see it in action!

Cellular noise

Random points

  • true randomness is hard
  • pseudo random number generators usually don’t have even distribution
    • or “slow”
    • or cannot be used in a parallel way
  • OpenGL does not have random API (reasons above)

And in most cases higher “entropy” is more pleasant to the eyes.

CSS Painting API

One of the new CSS Houdini APIs:

  • CSS Parser API - possibility to implement sass/less/etc support
  • CSS Properties and Values API - more advanced CSS properties (variables)
  • CSS Typed OM - CSS values as typed JS objects
  • CSS Layout API - create custom layouts (like grid or flexbox)
  • CSS Painting API - draw something in CSS