HTMX is a small (~14k), dependency-free, extendable frontend framework, with a very straightforward approach. It extends the Hypertext capabilities of HTML, without the need of using JavaScript.

Basic concepts:

  • Any DOM element can trigger HTTP requests
  • Any HTTP methods can be used (not just GET and POST)
  • The response from the server is HTML or HTML fragment
  • State management is is server-side, frontend is simple and dummy

Go(lang) - advanced topics



Goroutine: a lightweight thread managed by the Go runtime.

It’s pretty simple to execute a function call as a new goroutine:

go f(param1, param2)

The program is terminated when the main goroutine finishes.



  • statically typed (w/ type inference)
  • compiled (statically linked)
  • memory safety, garbage collection
  • built in dependency management
  • concurrency:
    • goroutines (~coroutines/threads)
    • channels
    • select (for channels)
  • interfaces for “virtual inheritance”, type embedding
  • standardized formatting (gofmt)
  • multiple implementations (gc, gccgo, gollvm, gopherjs, …)