Web Security Basics

The security of websites was always an important topic, and in my opinion it’s still a bit neglected by some developers. We have plenty of new tools, browsers try to protect their users more and more, but still, it’s important for a developer to be clear with some basic concepts. Basics Hash Hashing algorithms are basically one way functions, where (typically) the hash(x) call is quick and easy, but its inverse is very slow and expensive - even impossible.


REpresentational State Transfer is a software architectural style for creating stateless web APIs. These APIs are typically based on HTTP methods to access resources specified by URIs that are transmitted in JSON or XML encoded form. They are called RESTful APIs.

Web Basics - HTTP

Now that we are aware of the basic networking concepts, let’s take a deeper look at the main protocol of the web - HTTP.

Web Basics - Networking

So, what happens if you enter a URL into the browser’s location bar and press ENTER? A very many things, and eventually a website is loaded and rendered.

Let’s check the networking part!